Participation in IEA SHCP Task 54

To reach the full potential of solar heat and thereby contribute as much as possible to CO2-reduction, the new focus is cost reduction of solar thermal systems. As KBB we want to participate in this effort and therefore take part in an international research project – the IEA SHCP Task 54.

The IEA SHCP Task 54 aims at the purchase price reduction for end-users of installed solar thermal systems by evaluating and developing sustainable means to reduce production and/or installation costs on material, sub-component, system-component and system level. Special emphasis is placed on the identification and reduction of post-production cost drivers, e.g.channels of distribution. An extensive market research and the definition of reference systems, cost analyses, and the study of socio-political boundary conditions for solar thermal prices in selected regions will provide the basis for the evaluation of cost-structures and the cost reduction potential. Additionally, ways to make solar thermal more attractive by improved marketing and consumer-oriented design will be explored.

Please find further information regarding Task 54 at the projects homepage.