Individual solutions for you

KBB products set technology standards and provide security for

customised solutions for the OEM partner. From the conception and construction, over the production, quality control and certification, up to the delivery and recycling, we offer the complete product service from a single source. Due to the complexity of the products the close collaboration with the clients at KBB Kollektorbau is a high priority. Numerous joint developments and customised solutions for the client result from this. The know-how for further innovations is readily available. You can receive products from our house with the design certification and TÜV inspection, if desired. Our standard collectors are certified for the Europe-wide sale according to the Solar Keymark.

Of course, as an original equipment manufacturer, we offer a wide range of additional services, in order to perfectly adjust our products for our clients. Individual transport solutions are also part of our standard repertoire, for example, providing mini-collectors as advertising material to touch.

Complete labelling from the label and the packaging to the data sheet according to client wishes is a matter of fact for us. In addition, we effectively support our clients by creating individual installation manuals and product brochures.

Here we rely on our experience, which took us years to build, and resources in the areas of product documentation and application.

We know that you can count on our solar products. We guarantee it!