Premium solar collectors at reasonable prices

We deliver market-suitable, high-quality solar products that show a consistent high quality due to an automated production. Our collectors are characterised by an optimised aperture surface, high efficiencies, elegant design, as well as simple and flexible installation.

Whether your favourite is the K4, which is a sophisticated collector system, or the K5 Giga large-scale collector, the tray collector K6, the attractive all-rounder K7, or the robust frame collector K8 – all have something in common, which is that more than 25 years of know-how and experience in constructing collectors flow into innovative OEM collector solutions; all with an elegant, functional aesthetic for you.

Our laser-welded absorbers also withstand the highest stresses in the collectors. Therefore, they are also perfectly suitable for collectors with anti-reflective glass and optimal insulation. Besides the classic flat plate collector types, KBB of course also offers high performance collectors with higher degrees of efficiency and flatter efficiency characteristics.

For applications in sunny countries, the K4 is also available with reduced insulation, and is only 75 mm high in this case, as opposed to the otherwise usual collector height of 95 mm.

  • The collectors from our standard assortment are naturally Solar Keymark certified.
  • All collectors are also very suitable for countries with high solar radiation.
  • With our warranty services we set standards on the market:
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty on our collectors.
  • We have the suitable model for every need;
  • Sustainable – secure – affordable – chic.
10 Jahre Garantie