As if it were made out of one piece

Along with the many frame collectors, we have now also been manufacturing tray collectors since 2014. This way we can underline the flexibility and performance ability of our collector development and production once again. The K6 collector captivates through its low-profile height and the inward, and therefore almost non-visible, connections to the front.

The K6 has a meander absorber with manifolds and has a gross size of 2.54 m². Just like every other KBB collector, the K6 can convince through his great performance values and longevity.

  • Absolute all-rounder –  thanks to meander manifold absorber, suitable for units with a size of up to more than 100 m².
  • The shut tray with glued on disc prevents moisture from getting into the collector in the long-term.
  • Excellent performance values, Solar Keymark certified
  • Plastic caps on the corners round off the design and offer protection against damage and injuries.
Wannenkollektor K6 von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Choose your favourite:

Description Gross Size Absorber Type Data Sheet (PDF)
K6-MS4L 2,54 m² Meander with Manifold Contact
K6-MS4S 2,54 m² Meander with Manifold Contact