The efficient TS4 solar water heaters by KBB known as thermosiphon systems

Ideal system solutions for sunshine countries!

The TS4 thermosiphon systems are based on our know-how as collector manufacturer as well as long-time experiences with partners from the storage industry. These are closed loop systems available in three sizes.
TS4 systems by KBB are always equipped with high performance collectors and solar circuits with jacket type heat exchangers for an optimized price-performance- ratio. Optionally, it is possible to integrate a unique overheating protection system for even more safety. We offer:

  • Solar thermal system for heating and storing domestic hot water
  • High efficient solar collector with selective coated absorber, Solar Keymark certified
  • Solar yield by thermosiphon principle
  • Dual enameled domestic hot water storage tank and separate solar circuit
  • Closed loop system with jacket type heat exchanger
  • Clever mounting system made of galvanized steel
  • Versatile accessory
  • 5-year guarantee


You can find further information on the TS4 thermosiphon system in our TS4 product brochure, which you can download as a pdf here.

Select your favorite:

Type name Storage size Collector surface Data sheet (PDF)
TS4-M 152 l 2,02 m² Download
TS4-L 198 l 2,02 m² Download
TS4-XL 282 l 4,04 m² Download