Efficiency and elegance combined

For the K7 collector, we went new ways, and used our concentrated experience from over 20 years of constructing collectors, in order to combine efficiency and elegance. Therefore, the K7 presents itself not only as an efficient energy converter, but also convinces through its frame concept that was designed with lots of thought. We managed to implement everything that you wanted in a collector with this new frame technology, and we did it in an efficient, chick, and uncomplicated and clever way.

The collector can be applied as a meander with manifold for forced circulation systems as well as a full harp with different pipe diameter for thermosiphon systems. That way the K7 covers the entire bandwidths of solar thermal systems and is used worldwide.

  • A thin, metallically shining border in the inside gives it an elegant look.
  • Plastic caps with an appealing design as impact protection and drainage of the first sealing level
  • Outstanding glass strip – collectors can be optically pushed together closer than normal frame collectors.
  • Profiled bottom gives a secure grip and makes the transportation on the roof easier.
Solarkollektor von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Choose your favourite:

Description Gross Size Absorber Type Data Sheet (PDF)
K720-TS 1,95 m² Full Harp Download
K720-TS-D12 1,95 m² Full Harp Download
K720-TS-D15 1,95 m² Full Harp Download
K721-MS 2,10 m² Meander with Manifold Download
K727-MS 2,66 m² Meander with Manifold Download