Laser-welded, high performance, copper or aluminium absorbers

We manufacture pre-finished full-surface absorbers in 1-minute cycles from copper pipe and aluminium sheet with harps and meandering shapes. If the client desires it, we also process aluminium pipes and copper sheet. All standard metal coatings can be processed.

The self-developed manufacturing process guarantees an intact absorber area because the connection of metal and pipe is only made from the back of the absorber. Due to the purely metallic connection, an optimal heat transfer, and therefore good efficiency, is achieved. Our process enables a gapless connection within a very short period of time.

The CAD-based absorber design, the CNC-controlled pipe processing, and the fully automatic laser welding plant allow for highly precise, cost-optimised production sequences. The mature laser welding technology at KBB for the industrial production of larger quantities ensures an optimal connection of the pipes to the absorber metal, with a constant production quality.

Full-surface absorbers, manufactured at KBB with a high-selectivity coating, yield the highest performances. Upon client request, they are manufactured up to a size of 3.00 m². Each absorber is tested for pressure resistance and pressure tightness.

We give the secure packaging of the absorbers special attention. We want the high quality absorbers to get to you in a fault-free condition.

Full-harp transversely (VH 2L) up to 8 collectors in serial connection, low flow up to 10

Full-harp high (VH 4L) up to 6 collectors in parallel connection, also usable for thermosiphon systems

Double-harp (DH) up to 6 collectors in serial connection, low flow up to 8

Single meander (EM) up to 3 collectors in serial connection, low flow up to 5

Meander with manifolds (MS/LC) up to 8 collectors in serial connection, low-flow up to 10 collectors. K420-LC also usable as a drain back collector