Industrially manufactured solar collectors at affordable prices for everyone’s energy demand!
Future-oriented and sustainable!

The energy revolution is about switching energy supply, away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies, away from the currently central and towards a decentralised supply in the future. Warmth constitutes 50% of the energy demand in Europe. Our products can contribute significantly here. In order to reach the EU climate goals, measures in the area of heat generation are absolutely necessary.

We would like to co-design the energy supply of the future and contribute with the steady further development of our product range for a versatile scope of applications – from solar collectors on single-family homes and the use of collectors in industrial process heating, up to the equipment of local and district heating networks.

Renewable, emission-free, solar warmth and local value added help with supply security and climate protection on the spot. Solar thermal energy is a mature and available, cost-stable, reliably plannable, location-independent solution that already reaches solar fractions of up to 50% today.

The heart piece of every solar system is the solar collector that harvests the sun for you! Solar thermal energy is safe – sustainable – affordable.

Join the harvest!

Stephan Fintelmann von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin