In addition to the flat plate collectors we deliver the entire installation accessories in handy, easily commissionable units. For the on-roof and in-roof-installations, as well as for the installation of freestanding collectors, we offer the optimal accessories. The installation materials are chosen in such a way, that the highest level of security is ensured during a most simple installation. Saving time and uncomplicated warehousing during the installation are the highest priority here.
Of course our installation systems are statically safe and designed in accordance with DIN 1055. They are easy to install and minimise the risk of injury. The square nuts integrated into the circular mounting slot enable a flexible installation. In addition, significantly more power can be received. The collectors can be installed at a pitch of 15° to 90°. The installation systems can easily be put together easily in any arrangement and with collector field sizes from the basic and expansion sets. These sets contain all necessary parts for the installation. Depending on the application, all hydraulic connections, and also some hydraulic connectors, are already included.

Installation possibilities

  • Roof-top: Rafter anchors and rails hold the collector absolutely securely over the roof panel with the easiest installation.
  • Roof-top-elevation: The roof-top system can be elevated at an unfavourable roof pitch with the help of additional parts.
  • Roof integration: Thanks to the sheet metal under the collectors, rain protection is given at a roof pitch starting at 22°.
  • Freestanding system / flat roof elevation system: with variable work angle of 45° to 60°. With the help of additional parts, work angles of 15° to 45° are possible.
  • Facade: Our collectors can be installed parallel to the façade, or with an angle of inclination.

For individual installation requests of the K4 installation set, and the other collector types, we are happy to work on a solution together. Please feel free to contact us.

The multi-lingual installation manuals are easy to understand and illustrated. They are usually adopted by our OEM partners and can be adjusted easily.

Montagesysteme von Solarkollektoren von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin


Solarkollektoren von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Roof-top elevation

Solarkollektoren von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Roof integration

Solarkollektoren von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Freestanding system

Solarkollektoren von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Facade vertical

Solarkollektor von KBB Kollektorbau aus Berlin

Facade inclined